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Setting up your new business


Become an Ambassador of Beauty

Work wherever you want, independently and flexibly through your social channels.

Choose how much to earn, without giving up time for yourself.

A healthy and fulfilling lifestyle

  • Time, freedom and economic security

  • Luxury holidays with Corporate Managers

  • Create new bonds and friendships

  • Meetings and training events


Sharing your favourite products also has great advantages!

Work wherever you like

You can do your business wherever and whenever you want in total autonomy.

Manage your time

Full time, part time, a few hours every now and then, you decide how much to work.

Continuous Training

Continuous training paths, supported by documentation and professional courses.

We provide you with outstanding products, training and sales tools to develop your business.

Define your goal: you can make a small profit with a part-time job or devote yourself entirely and aim for big results.

Iyaly offers a concrete opportunity for all your ambitions.

Getting started is simple

Register as a Customer

Enter your email and register on the portal as a customer.

Become an Ambassador

Follow the steps to become an Ambassador

Finalise your first order

Place your first order with Ambassador benefits.

Start your Business

Now you have everything you need to start your online business!

To become an Ambassador, you have 2 possibilities:
1) If you use a Referral link, simply select the option 'Ambassador' instead of 'Customer' at the top of the registration form.
2) Alternatively, you can register as a customer and when you want, you will find the 'Become an Ambassador' procedure in your account, just click the button and follow the wizard.

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